Home Plumbing Systems - Copper Piping

Do you know the different types of home plumbing systems? Our “Home Plumbing Systems” four-part series creates an easy access point for piping comparison.

Home Plumbing Systems – Copper Piping is the first plumbing system in our four-part series. Do you know the pros and cons about Copper Piping? If not, then this article will be a great quick read.

Advantages of Copper Piping
  • Durable and flexible, making it easier than steel to install
  • Safer in natural disasters because copper is slightly elastic therefore, resists snapping
  • Weather and bacteria-resistant
  • Resists corrosion, more so than other metals
  • Unaffected by ultraviolet rays, so it can be used outside
  • Does not release toxic gases in a fire
  • Is recyclable, making it a more sound environmental choice
  • 50-70 year life span

Disadvantages of Copper Piping
  • Can corrode
  • Is very expensive
  • Water can have a metallic taste if copper corrodes
  • Copper can freeze and break in extreme cold

Whether you’re building a new home or just doing some research on your home’s plumbing system, knowing the different types, and the pros and cons is beneficial. We hope you found “Home Plumbing Systems – Copper Piping” informational! Check out the other articles in our “Home Plumbing Systems” series.

CPVC Piping: http://waterdaddy.com/cpvc-piping/

Galvanized Steel Piping: http://waterdaddy.com/galvanized-steel-piping/

Pex Piping: http://waterdaddy.com/pex-piping/

If your home has an older piping system, schedule your FREE in-home water test to make sure your piping system is keeping your water clean!


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